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Name: Maar topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Maar, Landkreis Aurich, Lower Saxony, 26529, Germany (53.49292 7.25722 53.50002 7.34691)

Average elevation: 1 m

Minimum elevation: -4 m

Maximum elevation: 5 m

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Germany > Lower Saxony > Landkreis Diepholz

Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Samtgemeinde Bruchhausen-Vilsen, Landkreis Diepholz, Lower Saxony, 27305, Germany

Average elevation: 34 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Landkreis Osterholz

Lilienthal, Landkreis Osterholz, Lower Saxony, 28865, Germany

Average elevation: 4 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Elbe

Elbe, Samtgemeinde Baddeckenstedt, Landkreis Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, 38274, Germany

Average elevation: 142 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Diepholz

Diepholz, Landkreis Diepholz, Lower Saxony, 49356, Germany

Average elevation: 41 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Dannenberg

Dannenberg, Samtgemeinde Elbtalaue, Lüchow-Dannenberg, Lower Saxony, 29451, Germany

Average elevation: 22 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Goslar

Goslar, Landkreis Goslar, Lower Saxony, Germany

Average elevation: 311 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Wunstorf

Wunstorf, Region Hannover, Lower Saxony, 31515, Germany

Average elevation: 47 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Osnabrück

Innenstadt, Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, 49074, Germany

Average elevation: 72 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Hoya

Hoya, Samtgemeinde Grafschaft Hoya, Landkreis Nienburg/Weser, Lower Saxony, Germany

Average elevation: 18 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Sehnde

Sehnde, Region Hannover, Lower Saxony, 31319, Germany

Average elevation: 66 m

Lower Saxony

Germany > Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony, Germany

Average elevation: 87 m


Germany > Lower Saxony > Wildeshausen

Wildeshausen, Landkreis Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, 27793, Germany

Average elevation: 37 m