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Community of Madrid

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Community of Madrid, Spain (40.52483 -3.77156)

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Name: Community of Madrid topographic map, elevation, relief.
Coordinates: 39.88458 -4.57901 41.16574 -3.05299
Minimum elevation: 334 m
Maximum elevation: 2,519 m
Average elevation: 865 m

Community of Madrid

The mountain amphibians living at a high altitude include the fire salamander, the narbled newt, the alpine newt, the iberian frog, the European tree frog or the common midwife toad. At a middle elevation in the mountain reaches close to water streams there are species such as the Bosca's newt, the southern marbled newt, the mediterranean tree frog or the iberian midwife toad. The common parsley frog and the Alytes obstetricans pertinax dwell in the limestone lowlands near the Tagus in the south-east of the region. Among the all-around amphibians adaptable to different heights stand out the natterjack toad, the common toad and the iberian green frog. Other species with a wide distribution range (although in this case restricted by altitude) are the gallipato, the iberian spadefoot toad, the iberian painted frog, and the Spanish painted frog.

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