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Iraq topographic map

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About this map

Name: Iraq topographic map, elevation, terrain.

Location: Iraq (29.05857 38.79367 37.38067 48.84127)

Average elevation: 618 m

Minimum elevation: -1 m

Maximum elevation: 3,517 m

The capital, Ninus or Nineveh, was taken by the Medes under Cyaxares, and some 200 years after Xenophon passed over its site, then mere mounds of earth. It remained buried until 1845, when Botta and Layard discovered the ruins of the Assyrian cities. The principal remains are those of Khorsabad, 16 km (10 mi) N.E. of Mosul; of Nimroud, supposed to be the ancient Calah; and of Kouyunjik, in all probability the ancient Nineveh. In these cities are found fragments of several great buildings which seem to have been palace-temples. They were constructed chiefly of sun-dried bricks, and all that remains of them is the lower part of the walls, decorated with sculpture and paintings, portions of the pavements, a few indications of the elevation, and some interesting works connected with the drainage.

Other topographic maps

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Al Kufa

Iraq > Al-Najaf Governorate

Al Kufa, Al-Kufah Central Subdistrict, Al-Kufah District, Al-Najaf Governorate, 54003, Iraq

Average elevation: 27 m


Iraq > Dhi Qar

Nasiriyah, Dhi Qar, 176219, Iraq

Average elevation: 6 m

Shatt al-Arab

Iraq > Basra

Shatt al-Arab, Basra, 601010, Iraq

Average elevation: 8 m

Al Therthar Lacke

Iraq > Saladin

Al Therthar Lacke, Saladin, Iraq

Average elevation: 44 m


Iraq > Erbil Governorate

Erbil, Erbil Central Subdistrict, Erbil District, Erbil Governorate, Iraqi Kurdistan Region, 44001, Iraq

Average elevation: 463 m


Iraq > Dhi Qar

Sawi, Dhi Qar, Iraq

Average elevation: 7 m



Basra, 1981, Iraq

Average elevation: 4 m


Iraq > Iraqi Kurdistan

Tasluja, Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

Average elevation: 931 m

Hayy as Sayyid

Iraq > Babil

Hayy as Sayyid, Babil, 51001, Iraq

Average elevation: 32 m

Iraqi Kurdistan


Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

Average elevation: 887 m



Nineveh, Iraq

Average elevation: 326 m


Iraq > Iraqi Kurdistan

Kawnabak, Aqrah District, Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq

Average elevation: 428 m

Al-Anbar Governorate


Al-Anbar Governorate, Iraq

Average elevation: 400 m


Iraq > Nineveh

Mosul, Al Mnsul Qadha, Nineveh, 330, Iraq

Average elevation: 282 m



Karbala, 56001, Iraq

Average elevation: 40 m


Iraq > Iraqi Kurdistan

Rashkin, Arbil District, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, 440001, Iraq

Average elevation: 395 m